Ends on November 30, 2018

$2.00 USD

NER Digital is New England Review’s online project dedicated to  original creative writing for the web.

Our series “Confluences” presents writers’ responses to other works of  art in any media. We are seeking brief essays, 500 to 1000 words, in  response to a book, play, poem, film, painting, sculpture, building, or  other work of art. Put yourself in the picture and fashion your essay  around an actual autobiographical encounter with—but most importantly, your emotional response to—this work of art. 

Along  with your submission, include a one-line writers’ bio and your current  mailing address. Please also submit an image of or link to the artwork  you are discussing. (Please note that the artwork will only be  reproduced on our website if we are able to secure permission from the  copyright holder.)

The fee for submission to NER Digital is $2.00; it's free to subscribers. If your work is accepted for publication, you will receive payment of $50, and a one-year subscription (or renewal) to NER.